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Westlaw (Australia) Guide - Create a KeyCite alert

Last Published: January 16, 2020

Set up a KeyCite alert to stay up to date on developments in a case.

You can create three alerts in Westlaw:

  • A WestClip Search Alert can be created from a search, allowing you to receive future updates and new content based on the previously-conducted search.
  • KeyCite Alerts notify you of any subsequent citing references or changes to the litigation history of the case.
  • Create a Publication Alert to receive the latest updates from a publication.

KeyCite Alert

  1. In the case document you are viewing, select the alert bell.
  1. Enter a Name for your alert - this will appear in the subject field of your email – and click Continue.
  1. Tick the check boxes to be notified to Citing References, History References, or both.
    There is also an option to limit results to Negative Treatment only.
  2. Select Narrow by Content Type and Other Filters to narrow the citing references by content type or a specific publication.
    Once you have filtered, click Save, and then click Continue.
  1. Add the email address of the recipients. You also have the option to include full text of new documents by ticking the checkbox. Once the email addresses have been added, click Continue.
  1. Schedule your alert to a specific time and frequency, then click Save Alert.
  1. Once the alert has been saved, you will be taken to the Alerts page where you can edit the alert or return to the case document.

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