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Westlaw (Australia) Guide - How to research a case by topic using Boolean Terms and Connectors

Last Published: January 15, 2020

For complex or specific search queries, you may wish to run a search for by entering a query consisting of Boolean Terms and Connectors.

To find the list of Terms and Connectors you can use to search, select Search Tips beneath the global search bar.

Find a case using Boolean Terms and Connectors in the global search bar

  1. Use the global search bar to conduct your search, e.g., price /5 fix! telecommunication, and click Search.
    In this example we are searching for price within 5 words of fix and telecommunication.
    The exclamation mark allows more words to be retrieved, e.g., fixed, fixing, fixes, etc.
  2. The overview page displays all results with your search terms highlighted in yellow.
    Click on the highlighted words to open the document to that specific sentence.

Find a case using the Cases advanced search template

Advanced searching allows you to use field restrictions or use a template to create a Terms and Connectors search.

  1. From the homepage, navigate to the case law advanced search template by selecting Cases, and then Advanced under the global search bar.

  1. The Find documents that have section includes a set of fields that can be populated to build a search string, e.g.,

  • All of these terms: director
  • Any of these terms: liability duty
  • This exact phrase: false statement
  1. The results screen will list the cases relevant to your search.
  2. Filter using the panel on the left side of the screen.

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