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Improvements to browsing law reports by volume


After introducing the "browse law reports by volume" feature, we have noticed some issues with 7 Australian Law Reports. 

1. The following titles have multiple styles to express volume numbers. Therefore when using the publication volume filter, ordering of volume number is incorrect. 

  • New South Wales Law Reports
  • Queensland Reports
  • South Australian State Reports
  • Victorian Reports
  • Western Australian Reports

2. The following titles contain more than 10,000 documents and some volumes aren't appearing in the publication volume filter. 

  • Australian Criminal Reports
  • Federal Law Reports

We have now resolved these issues by creating multiple entries for each title and the changes will be available in the live site on Saturday, the 23rd of October. Users will be able to continue to search the entire corpus of a title by selecting multiple volumes or browse to a particular group of volumes. 


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