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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 7

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal contains the following articles: 

  • 250 Years of the Crown in Australia: From James Cook to the Palace Papers (1770–2020) – The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG 
  • The Crown in Australia: From James Cook To Charles III, Another Perspective – Geoffrey Robertson AO QC 
  • A Response to Geoffrey Robertson QC – The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG 

This Part also includes the following sections: 

  • Current Issues: "The Palace Papers – 1975 Revisited and a Future Australian Republic?"; "The Curated Page Continues"; and "The Curated Page"
  • Environmental Law: New South Wales; Northern Territory; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; and Western Australia
  • Class Actions: "Time For Some 'Rough Justice' – Federal Court Makes Common Fund Orders at Settlement Stage in Two Class Actions"
  • Personalia: New South Wales: Justice Kate Williams and Appointment of Senior Counsel; South Australia: Justice Christopher Bleby; and Victoria: Justice Lisa Nichols, Justice Jim Delany, Justice Kathryn Stynes and Appointment of Senior Counsel
  • Recent Cases: Criminal Law – Sentence – Where Appellant Suffered from Severe Personality Disorder – Where Causal Connection between Personality Disorder and Offending – Whether R v Verdins (2007) 16 VR 269 Principles Applicable – Whether Statements in Director of Public Prosecutions (Vic) v O’Neill (2015) 47 VR 395 Should No Longer Be Followed 
  • Obituary: Mr Bruno Cappelletti OAM


Journal of Law and Medicine update: Vol 28 Pt 3

This Part of the Journal of Law and Medicine includes the following articles: 

  • COVID-19 Tests the Limits of Biodiversity Laws in a Health Crisis: Rethinking "Country of Origin" for Virus Access and Benefit-sharing – Fran Humphries, Michelle Rourke, Todd Berry, Elizabeth Englezos and Charles Lawson
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Fertility Treatment in Australia – Ronli Sifris and Karinne Ludlow
  • Chasing Immunity: How Viable Is a Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Scheme for Australia? – Madeline Rohini Fisher
  • Adolescent Gender Dysphoria and the Informed Consent Model of Care – Patrick Parkinson AM
  • Australian Medical Device Regulation during COVID-19: Has the Australian Regulatory Framework for Medical Devices Been Effective during the COVID-19 Pandemic? – Jeffrey J Brownscombe
  • Concussion, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and the Legal Obligation of Sporting Organisations to be Informed of the Scientific Knowledge of the Day and to Warn of Material Risks – David Thorpe
  • Use of Personal Health Information under Consent – Exempt Circumstances for Research: Views of the Australian General Public – David J Carter
  • The Role of Medical Evidence in Determining the Outcome of Medical Negligence Cases When Peer Professional Opinion Is Used – Hugh Platt
  • Role of Law in End-of-Life Decision-Making: Perspectives of Patients, Substitute Decision-Makers and Families – Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Rachel Feeney, Cheryl Tilse, Jill Wilson and Joanne Aitken
  • New Challenges to the Legal Definition and Medical Determination of Brain Death: A Multi-jurisdictional Approach – Cases from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia – James Tibballs and Neera Bhatia
  • Murder (Infanticide) in Post-partum Depression: The Case of Akon Guode – Joseph Briggs and Russ Scott
  • Causes of the Obesity Epidemic and Economic Rationales to Support Taxation as a Population-based Policy Response – Lidia Xynas

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial: "COVID-19 as a Disruptor and a Catalyst for Change" – Ian Freckelton AO QC
  • Legal Issues: "COVID-19 Denialism, Vaccine Scepticism and the Regulation of Health Practitioners" – Ian Freckelton AO QC
  • Medical Issues: "Killing of Elderly Patients by Health Care Professionals: Insights From Coroners' Inquests and Inquiries in Three Cases" – Jordyn Nelson, Joseph Ibrahim, Lyndal Bugeja and David Ranson
  • Bioethical Issues: "Bell v Tavistock: Why the Assent Model Is Most Appropriate for Decisions Regarding Puberty Suppression for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth" – Lauren Notini
  • Technology Health Law Issues: "Regulation of AI in Health Care: A Cautionary Tale Considering Horses and Zebras" – Bernadette Richards, Susannah Sage Jacobson and Yves Saint James Aquino
  • Mental Health Law Issues: "Advance Planning in Mental Health Care: The Trouble with Terminology" – Vrinda Edan, Bridget Hamilton and Lisa Brophy
  • Health Law Reporter: "Posthumous Reproduction and the Law: Tissue Transplantation, Property Rights and the Reproductive Relational Autonomy" – Cameron Stewart, Kelton Tremellen and Julian Savulescu
  • Book Review: "The Lost Lovelies Foundation", by Beth Wilson


Workplace Review update: Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 Part of the Workplace Review includes the following articles:

  • A Mere Reflection on Knowledge and Humility – David Nikolas Brodsky 
  • The Art of Cross-examination – Rick Burbidge QC 
  • 25 Years a Lawyer: Some Things I Have Learned – Philippe Doyle Gray
  • Acting for Accessories: Tactics and Traps – Ian Latham 
  • Anaesthesia and COVID-19: Hands-on Doctors Can't Hide in Cyberspace – Alan Sexton

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial 
  • Interview: "'About Real People, Grounded in Real Life' – Neil Napper's Life in IR Law" – Neil Napper
  • Obituary: "Chester Porter QC: The Unassuming Champion" – Ishita Sethi
  • Book Review: "Law, Politics and Intelligence: A Life of Robert Hope", by Peter Edwards – Reviewed by Malcolm Kerr OAM
  • The Last Word ...
  • Diary
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