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New Practical Law Takeovers Content

Content updates

Practical Law Corporate has published a new suite of 17 documents to its public mergers and acquisitions topic. The documents relate to takeover bids and include key offer documents and practice notes. For a complete guide to Practical Law Corporate's takeovers documents and links to those documents, see our new Toolkit, Takeovers.

The newly published documents include the following key standard documents for use in a takeover bid:

  • Bid implementation deed, which can be used for an off-market takeover bid and sets out the terms of the takeover offer to be made by the bidder; commits the bidder and the target to the takeover bid transaction; obliges the target to support, recommend and facilitate the takeover offer; and sets out how the bidder and target will work together throughout the takeover process;
  • Bidder's statement: off-market takeover cash offer, which can be used for an off-market takeover bid where only cash is being offered as consideration and contains the information required to be contained in a bidder's statement under section 636 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth); and
  • Target's statement: off-market takeover, which can be used for an off-market takeover bid and contains the information required to be contained in a target's statement under section 638 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth),

The new document suite also includes a number of supporting standard documents, including board minutes noting approval of and consents to inclusion of statements in a bidder's statement or a target's statement as well as the following practice notes:

  • Takeover bids, which provides an overview of the regulation of takeovers of public companies, forms of takeover bids and the key rules, restrictions and procedures governing the conduct and terms of takeover bids.
  • Takeover documents, which provides an overview of the main documents involved for bidders and targets in planning and conducting a takeover bid;
  • Takeovers: planning a takeover bid, which provides an overview of the key considerations and regulatory issues for bidders when planning a potential takeover bid;
  • Announcing a takeover, which provides an overview of the regulatory issues and strategic considerations of announcing a takeover bid; and
  • Takeovers: communications with target shareholders, which addresses the regulation of information provided to, and communications with, target shareholders before and during a takeover bid.
Lauren Singh
By Lauren Singh
Senior Writer, Practical Law Australia

Lauren Singh writes for Practical Law’s Corporate practice area. She joined Practical Law after having practised at Watson Mangioni and Piper Alderman. Lauren has experience advising clients on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions and matters of general corporate governance, in particular ASX-listed companies.

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