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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal update: Vol 31 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal includes the following articles:  

  • International Arbitration in Australia: 2019/2020 in Review – Albert Monichino QC and Alex Fawke
  • Ex parte Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and the Rule of Law: Mineralogy v Western Australia – Albert Monichino QC and Gianluca Rossi
  • Co-housing Disputes: Strategies for Harmonious Conflict Resolution? – Kathy Douglas, Christina Platz and Robin Goodman 
  • Mediation Preferred for Resolution of Communal Disputes in Nigeria – Adesina Temitayo Bello, PhD and Ucheoma Chinaemeremnma Awa
  • Post Separation: How Can FDR Positively Influence the Impact of Culture on the Lives of Children? – Dr Bethaina Dababneh and Mieke Brandon
  • Introducing Relationship Mediation for FDR Practitioners and Other Experienced Mediators in 2021 – Mieke Brandon
  • Mediating Workplace Conflict – Reviewing the Evidence – Dr Emily Schindeler

It also contains the following sections: 

  • Editorial – Ruth Charlton
  • ADR Case Notes: "Snapshots from the Federal Court of Australia: Discovery Prior to Mediation; and Lack of Good Faith in Farm Debt Mediation" – David Spencer
  • Matters of Interest: "Mediation Quest: Theories Grounded in Experiences of Life" – Katherine Johnson 
  • Book Review: "Alternative Dispute Resolution", by Tania Sourdin – Reviewed by Dr Lola Akin Ojelabi


Australian Business Law Review update: Vol 49 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Australian Business Law Review includes the following articles: 

  • "Culture" Is Key – An Analysis of Culture-focused Techniques and Tools in the Regulation of Corporations and Financial Institutions – Vicky Comino
  • Security for Workers in an Insecure World of Work: Establishing Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining as Fundamental Rights for Australian Workers – Nicholas Saady
  • COVID Conundrum: The Influence of Regulatory Regimes on Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in Australia and India – Zubin Bilimoria

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial – Michael Terceiro
  • Insurance and Transport: "Business Interruption Insurance and the COVID-19 Pandemic" – Samuel Walpole and William Isdale


Company and Securities Law Journal update: Vol 38 Pt 4

The latest Part of the Company and Securities Law Journal includes an Editorial as well as the following articles: 

  • A Comparative Analysis of Product Intervention Powers in Australia and the United Kingdom – Christopher Chiam
  • Insights into the Collateralisation of Intangible and Intellectual Property Assets by Non-financial Listed Entities on the ASX/S&P 200 – Professor Tony Ciro and Dr Bülend Terzioglu
  • People, Planet, and Profits: Re-purposing the Company – Ross Grantham



Public Law Review update: Vol 32 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Public Law Review includes the following content:

  • Comments: 
    • Chetcuti v Commonwealth: Justice Nettle's Last Words – Elisa Arcioni
    • The Victorian COVID-19 Response: Reflections on Loielo v Giles – Bruce Chen 
    • Direct Democracy, Parliament and the Voters: Aotearoa New Zealand's Twin 2020 Referendums – Florence Dean 
  • Articles: 
    • More Than a Mere Piece of Paper: Citizenship, Character and Allegiance in Australian Law – Helen Irving 
    • Frank and Fearless: Public Servants and Political Communication – Alexander Reilly and Sawinder Singh 
    • On the Wane? The Principle of Legality in the High Court of Australia – Dan Meagher 
  • Developments
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