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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Building and Construction Law Journal update: Vol 36 Pt 6

The latest Part of the Building and Construction Law Journal includes the following article:

  • For Fetter or Worse: The Fettering Doctrine and Government Building Contracts – Paul Tamburro 

Also in this Part are the following sections:

  • Editorial: "Significant Cases Reported in the Volume 36"
  • Reports on the following cases: Roude v Helwani; White Constructions Pty Ltd v PBS Holdings Pty Ltd; and TFM Epping Land Pty Ltd v Decon Australia Pty Ltd 


Environmental and Planning Law Journal update: Vol 38 Pt 2

  • Licensing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Western Australia – Olivia De Koning, Helena Nguyen and Alex Gardner 
  • Standing Outside: An Environment of Challenge and Withheld Cures – Matthew Groves 
  • Visions of Electrification and Potential for Decarbonisation: The Absence of Ridesharing and Carsharing in Australia's Electric Vehicle Policy – Alannah Milton
  • Returning the Environment to Their Custodians: Strengthening Indigenous Influence in Environmental Decision-making – Kenny Ng 
  • Child Rights and Climate Change: Litigative Avenues for Australian Children – Stefan Prelevic


Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice update: Vol 32 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice includes the following articles:

  • One-Stop Shop: Consumer Credit Issued at the Point of Sale – Lucinda O'Brien, Ian Ramsay, Paul Ali and Mihika Upadhyaya 
  • Letters of Credit: Model for the Illegality Exception and for the UCP to Address Exceptions to the Principle of Autonomy – Mohd Hwaidi 
  • The Banker's Obligation to Pay and the Scope of the Quincecare "Duty" – Lee Aitken 

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Banking Law and Banking Practice: "CBDC: Digital Cash as Legal Tender" – Alan L Tyree 
  • Insolvency Law and Management: "Simplified Liquidation: A Different Test for Insolvency?" – Lindsay Powers


Journal of Judicial Administration update: Vol 30 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Journal of Judicial Administration includes the following articles: 

  • Do Juries Understand the Criminal Standard of Proof of Beyond Reasonable Doubt? – Andrew Hemming 
  • Maximising the Pivot to Online Courts: Digital Transformation, Not Mere Digitisation – Vicki Waye, Joe McIntyre, Jane Knowler, Anna Olijnyk, Collette Snowden, Ben Martini, Gaye Deegan and Jasmine Palmer


The Queensland Lawyer update: Vol 39 Pt 1

The latest Part of The Queensland Lawyer includes the following articles:

  • The Statutory Life of Caretaking Service Agreements in Body Corporates in Queensland: The Exception to the Freedom of Contract Principle – Neil Samuel Hope and Dane Bryce Weber 
  • The Human Rights Act 2019 – Does It Make Any Difference? – Andrew West

This Part also includes the following sections:

  • Editorial
  • Commercial Law: "Casino’s Pursuit of a Gaming Debt in Two Different Forums: Star Entertainment Qld Ltd v Wong [2021] QSC 67" 
  • Conveyancing and Property Law: "When Is Service by Email Effected?"
  • Criminal Law: "Private Complaints in Relation to Indictable Offences"
  • Health and Guardianship Law: "The Commencement of Hormone Therapy for Minors with Gender Dysphoria: A Recent Queensland Case"
  • Industrial Law: "R v Brisbane Auto Recycling Pty Ltd: Industrial Manslaughter under the Work Health and Safety Act (Qld) 201"
  • Book Reviews: 
    • "The Tuning Cymbal: Selected Papers and Speeches of Robert French", by R Pascoe – Reviewed by Fiona Maher 
    • "Admiralty Jurisdiction", by DJ Cremean – Reviewed by Julius Moller 
    • "Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law", by Shipra Chordia – Reviewed by Thomas Feeney 
    • "Treaty", by George Williams and Harry Hobbs – Reviewed by Sunny van den Berg


The Tort Law Review update: Vol 28 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Tort Law Review includes the following articles:

  • Questioning the Social Utility of Social Utility in the Australian Civil Liability Legislation – Leigh Smith and Vernon Nase 
  • Back to Basics? Recent Developments in Vicarious Liability in the UK Supreme Court – Aaron Yoong and Sui Yi Siong 
  • Creating Coherency in Conversion of (In)tangible Property in New Zealand – Jessica C Lai 

Also in this Part is a Book Review: "Unexpected Consequences of Compensation Law", edited by Prue Vines and Arno Akkermans – Reviewed by Dr Tina Popa


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