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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 6

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal contains the following articles: 

  • Cargo Lost Overboard in Australian Waters: Their Management and Australian Law – Laura Heit and Michael White
  • Did Dad Get It Wrong? Bursill Enterprises Pty Ltd v Berger Bros Trading Co Pty Ltd – The Honourable WV Windeyer
  • Workers, Apps and Fairness: Contracting in the Gig Economy – Katrina Woodforde 
  • Can ADR Improve Expert Evidence? – Nick Wray-Jones and Jason M Chin 

This Part also includes the following sections: 

  • Current Issues: "An Inauspicious Anniversary"; "More on Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviour in the Legal Profession"; "Stage 2 Defamation Reform"; "Thank You Artspace"; "The Rule of Law"; "The Fit and Proper Person Test and the Rule of Law – One Size Does Not Fit All"; and "The Curated Page" 
  • Letter to the Editor 
  • Around the Nation: Northern Territory: "Retirement of Justice Hiley RFD"; and "Burial Rights" 
  • Environmental Law: "Commonwealth"; and "Significant Environmental Decisions of the Federal Court" 
  • Technology and the Law: "Cyber Security Essentials When Doing Legal Work from Home" 
  • International Focus: "IA–CEPA and the Increasingly Complex Architecture for International Trade in the Asia- Pacific Region"


Company and Securities Law Journal Special Issue: Financial Services Laws – Understanding the Devil in the Detail (Vol 38 Pt 5)

This Special Issue of the Company and Securities Law Journal includes the following articles: 

  • Legislative Design – Clarifying the Legislative Porridge – Andrew Godwin, Vivienne Brand and Rosemary Teele Langford
  • Delegated Legislation in Financial Services Law: Implications for Regulatory Complexity and the Rule of Law – Tess Van Geelen
  • Disclosure (Dis)content: Regulating Disclosure in Prospectuses and Product Disclosure Statements – Phoebe Tapley and Andrew Godwin
  • Australia's Licensing Regimes for Financial Services, Credit, and Superannuation: Three Tracks toward the Twin Peaks – Cindy Davies, Samuel Walpole and Gail Pearson
  • Regulating for Loyalty in the Financial Services Industry – Samuel Walpole, M Scott Donald and Rosemary Teele Langford 

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial
  • Overview: "Special Issue on the Australian Law Reform Commission Legislative Mapping Project" – Justice Sarah Derrington, Rosemary Teele Langford and Andrew Godwin


Insolvency Law Journal update: Vol 29 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Journal includes the following articles: 

  • Unfair Preferences as an Instrument of Restoration – Nikita Angelakis
  • To the Purpose: Unduly Narrow Standing under s 447C – Paulina Fishman

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial – Dr David Morrison 
  • Recent Developments: "'Electronic Communication' Amendments to the Corporations Act: Implications for Service of Statutory Demands" – Mark Wellard 
  • Report from New Zealand: "The Operation and Development of New Zealand's Personal Insolvency Regime in 2020" – Lynne Taylor


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