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Motor Vehicle Law Qld Noticeboard – August 2017 – New driver licensing regulations: Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Driver Licensing) (Road Rules Test) Amendment Regulation 2017

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Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Driver Licensing) (Road Rules Test) Amendment Regulation 2017

Commencement: 6 July 2017

This regulation amends the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Driver Licensing) Regulation 2010. It omits s 10 dealing with tests and inserts:

  • s 10BA, which fixes the minimum age for taking an online road rules test for a class C learner licence;
  • s 10BB, which deals with cheating on a road rules test; and
  • s 10BC, which creates an offence of taking a road rules test for another person.

Effectively, the person who takes the test for the other person is exposed to a 40 penalty unit fine. The person for whom the test was taken may have their enrolment cancelled, and be disqualified from enrolling to take the test again for up to 6 months.

There are review and appeal rights.

Presumably, such cheating would come to light through cross-checking of whose computer had been used to undertake the test.

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Andrew West
By Andrew West

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