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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Tax Review update: Vol 49 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Australian Tax Review includes an Editorial and the following articles:

  • Justice Hill Memorial Lecture 2020: The Judicial Work of the Hon Justice Edmonds – Hon Justice Steward
  • Double Taxation Agreements: Shield or Sword? – Joseph Tranzillo
  • Taxation of Live Stock in Australia: A Critical Review of Tax Law and Policy – Christina Allen
  • BHP in the High Court: An Analysis of the Court’s Reasons – Hon Richard Edmonds AM SC


Journal of Judicial Administration update: Vol 30 Pt 1

The latest Part of the Journal of Judicial Administration includes the following articles:

  • Is Australia Ready for AI on the Bench? – Ilana Bolingford, Mirko Bagaric, Melissa Bull, Dan Hunter and Nigel Stobbs
  • The Rehabilitative Ideal and the Realism of Drug Court Success – Amanda Clarke
  • Allowing for Participants in Royal Commissions: A Scoping Review – Dave McDonald, Jenae Carpenter and Natalia Hanley


Public Law Review update: Vol 31 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Public Law Review includes the following content:


  • The Power(Lessness) of New Zealand’s House of Representatives to Summon The Crown’s Legal Advice – Graeme Edgeler and Andrew Geddis
  • Borrowdale v Director-General of Health: An Unlawful but Justified National Lockdown – M B Rodriguez Ferrere
  • "We are not Epidemiologists": COVID-19 in the High Court – Amelia Simpson


  • The Evolving Role of History in Constitutional Interpretation – Stephen Donaghue QC and Thomas Wood
  • From Disruption to Deliberation: Improving the Quality and Impact of Community Engagement with Parliamentary Law-making – Sarah Moulds
  • Examining Digital Campaigning Through the Normative Framework Underpinning Election Law – The Rationale and Challenges of Regulation – Amy Chinnappa
  • Empowering Joint Commonwealth – State Royal Commissions through a National Applied Law – Ben Fraser

Book Reviews

  • "The Constitution and Government of Australia, 1788 to 1919", by William Pitt Cobbett and Anne Twomey (eds) – Reviewed by Clare Langford
  • "The Veiled Sceptre: The Dismissal of Governments", by Anne Twomey – Reviewed by Bharan Narula




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