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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 95 Pt 4

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal contains the following articles: 

  • From Middle East Battlefields to the War Crimes Tribunals in Borneo: The War Letters of the Hon Justice Russell Le Gay Brereton, 1940–1946 – Tony Cunneen
  • Glory without Power: The Nationhood Power and Commonwealth Spending on Sport – Daniel Goldsworthy
  • The Power of "National Uniform Legislation": What Is Its Rate of Proliferation and What Factors Are Driving It? – Dr Guzyal Hill and Dr John Garrick 
  • The King V Smail Golden Jubilee: The Failure of the High Court "to develop and clarify the law" of the Torrens Volunteer is no Cause for Jubilation – MM Park and Serene Ho

This Part also includes the following sections:

  • Current Issues: "Family Court Merger Becomes a Reality"; "Australia at the UN Human Rights Council"; "A Federal Judicial Commission"; "Choice of Counsel a Fundamental Matter"; "The End of the Cardinal Pell Media Saga"; "A Turn Up for the Books?"; "Anzac Lawyers"; "Remembering the Hon Mr Justice Russell Le Gay Brereton"; and "The Curated Page"
  • Conveyancing and Property: "The Limits of Expert’s Participation in a Leasing Dispute"
  • Constitutional Law: "Who Is Responsible for Quarantine under the Constitution?"
  • Book Review: "Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Equity", by Dennis Klimchuk, Irit Samet and Henry E Smith (eds)


Company and Securities Law Journal update: Vol 38 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Company and Securities Law Journal includes an Editorial as well as the following articles: 

  • "A Tiger Without Teeth"? The Forthcoming Review of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and the Place of "Traditional" Penalties" – Margaret Cusenza and Vivienne Brand
  • ASIC's Regulatory Powers – Search Warrants, Telecommunications Interception Warrants, Financial Services Licensing Decisions and Banning Orders – Suggested Reforms – Dr Tom Middleton
  • A Typology of Legal, Regulatory and Voluntary Initiatives to Address Gender Balance on Corporate Boards – Katie Watson and Tim Connor


Journal of Law and Medicine update: Vol 28 Pt 2

This Part of the Journal of Law and Medicine includes the following articles:

  • The Regulation and Governance of Clinical Trials: Past and Present Considerations to Ensure Ethical Treatment of Human Participants – Grace Borsellino, Patrick Foong and Sonia Allan
  • Scientific Uncertainty and Guarantee of Supply of Medicines and Healthcare Products during the Crisis Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 in Spain – Carlos del Castillo-Rodríguez and Silvia Enríquez-Fernández 
  • Parental Refusal of Treatment and Children's Rights in Nigeria – Titilayo Oyenihun Aderibigbe and Amarachi Chizaram Okonkoh 
  • Guiding Genomic Research: Australia's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research – Belinda Bennett, Elizabeth Dallaston, Fiona McDonald, Andrew McGee, Shih-Ning Then and Bethany Allen 
  • Australia after Bawa-Garba: Does Reflective Learning Remain Tenable for Health Care Practitioners? – Christopher D Mills 
  • Epidemiology of Offences against Health in the Republic of Kazakhstan: 2015–2019 – Oxana Tsigengagel, Nataliya Glushkova, Vugar Mammadov, Zaituna Khismetova, Meruert Gazaliyeva, Zhanara Ibrayeva and Yuliya Semenova 
  • The Doctrine of Double Effect and Potential Criminal Liability of Medical Practitioners in Australia – Scott Davison
  • The Strategy of Evaluation Automatism for Disability Assessment: A Pragmatic Choice to Simplify the Decision-making Process in the Italian Welfare System – Giuseppe Consolazio 
  • Australian Medicare Benefits – Bachier Mawassi 
  • Workers' Compensation, Return to Work, Behavioural Health and COVID-19 in Australia – Robert Guthrie, Robert Aurbach and Marina Ciccarelli
  • "Equality", the "Capability Approach" and the Ethical Health Care Paradigm: The Interface – Abhay Vir Singh Kanwar and Mia Mahmudur Rahim 

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial: "Human Challenge Trials: Ethical and Legal Issues for COVID-19 Research" – Ian Freckelton QC
  • Legal Issues: "Sex Therapy as a Reasonable and Necessary Support for Persons with a Disability" – Ian Freckelton QC
  • Nursing and Midwifery Issues: "Patients' Access to Care During COVID-19 and the Role of Nurse Practitioners in Australia" – Jane Currie
  • Public Health Law Issues: "COVID-19: Public Health Emergency Powers and Accountability Mechanisms in Australia" – Paula O'Brien and Eliza Waters
  • Genomic Law Issues: "Pathways, Processes and Protections: Australia's Clinical and Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Spaces" – Jan Charbonneau and Dianne Nicol
  • Health Law Reporter: "Supported Decision-Making for People Living with Dementia: An Examination of Four Australian Guardianship Laws" – Meredith Blake, Cameron Stewart, Pia Castelli- Arnold and Craig Sinclair 
  • Book Review: "The Assassination of Barbara O'Neill", by Michael O'Neill


Local Government Law Journal update: Vol 23 Pt 3

This Part of the Local Government Law Journal includes the following content: 

  • Put That (Amber) Light Out! Some Comments on the Process for Amending Development Applications and Plans in Class 1 Development Appeals in the Land and Environment Court – Guy Dwyer and Tristan Orgill
  • Local Government Planning & Law Guide Cases: Australian Capital Territory – Stephanie Booker; Victoria – Lawrie Groom; and Western Australia – Daniel Morey, Thomas King, Lea Hiltenkamp and Connor Fisher
  • Digest of Cases
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