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The following Journal update articles were posted originally in Journals Talk.

Australian Law Journal update: Vol 94 Pt 12

The latest Part of the Australian Law Journal contains the following articles:

  • Responsible Jurimetrics: A Reply To Silbert's Critique Of The Victorian Court Of Appeal - Brian Opeskin and Gabrielle Appleby
  • Directors' Duties In A Post-Hayne World: "The Company" As More Than The Sum Of Its Shareholders - Philip Sales
  • Some Reservations About The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Sentencing Decisions - Adrian Staples
  • 100 Years Of Speaking: Gender Equality Among Barristers Before The High Court - Winsome Hall and George Williams 

This Part also includes the following sections:

  • Current Issues
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Conveyancing and Property
  • Around the Nation: Northern Territory
  • Class Action
  • Recent Cases
  • Book Review


Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 31 Pt 2

The latest Part of the Australian Intellectual Property Journal includes the following articles:

  • The Right to Repair: Perspectives from the United States – Leah Chan Grinvald and Ofer Tur-Sinai
  • European Steps to the Right to Repair: Towards a Comprehensive Approach to a Sustainable Lifespan of Products and Materials? – Taina Pihlajarinne
  • Anti-circumvention Prohibitions and the Function of the Work – Graeme W Austin
  • Revisiting the Repair Defence in the Designs Act (2003) in Light of the Right to Repair Movement and the Circular Economy – Leanne Wiseman and Kanchana Kariyawasam
  • Rewriting Judicial History or Just Refilling Ink? Patents and the Right to Repair in Australia Post-Calidad: "Logic, Simplicity and Coherence with Legal Principle" Prevail over "Rights Which They Have Held for More Than a Century" – Michael Williams and Vanessa Farago-Diener
  • Certified Repairable: Using Trade Marks to Distinguish, Signal and Encourage Repair – Jay Sanderson and Teddy Henriksen

There is also an Editorial by Leanne Wiseman and Kanchana Kariyawasam.


Australian Journal of Administrative Law update: Vol 27 Pt 4

This Part includes the following articles:

  • Executive Detention in the Time of a Pandemic – Anthony Gray
  • Deference as Non-jurisdictional Error – Charlie Rotondo

Also in this Part are the following sections:

  • Editorial: "Ministerial Adherence to the Law"
  • Casenote: "Northern Land Council v Quall [2020] HCA 33"
  • Current Issues: "Amenability of the Executive Power to Pardon to Judicial Review: Holzinger v Attorney-General (Qld) and Attorney-General (Cth) v Ogawa" – Samuel Walpole, Aaron Moss and William Isdale
  • Book Review: "The Anatomy of Administrative Law", by Joanna Bell – Reviewed by Mark Aronson


Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law update: Vol 28 Pt 4

The latest Part of the Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law includes the following articles:

  • Batter Up: ACCC Proposes Compulsory "Final Offer Arbitration" for Disputes between Media Businesses and Digital Platforms in Australia – Sam Luttrell and Dave Poddar
  • Asset Valuation Confusion under Australia's National Gas Rules – Euan Morton and Matt Rodgers

Also in this Part are the following sections: 

  • Editorial
  • Access to Services
  • Defective Goods
  • Restrictive Trade Practices
  • Case Note
  • Council Considerations
  • Commission Cameos
  • What If ...
  • Comments from Commerce
  • Report from China
  • Report from India


Building and Construction Law Journal update: Vol 36 Pt 3

The latest Part of the Building and Construction Law Journal includes the following:

  • Commentary on Amendments to the Construction Contracts (Security of Payments) Act 2004 (NT) – Gordon Smith

Also in this Part are the following sections:

  • Editorial: "Specialist Technology and Construction Courts and Lists"
  • Reports on the following cases:
    • Brolton Group Pty Ltd v Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd
    • Duffy Kennedy Pty Ltd v Galileo Miranda Nominee Pty Ltd


Workplace Review update: Summer 2020

The Summer 2020 Part of the Workplace Review includes the following content:

  • Two Fat Gentlemen – Bryan Belling
  • Can Negative Deviance Spur Creativity with Positive Organisational Outcomes? – David Nikolas Brodsky
  • Future-proofing the Workplace: How COVID-19 Changed the Employment Landscape Forever – Darren Gardner
  • The Inconsistencies of Industrial Manslaughter Laws in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory – Wazeem Kadir
  • Employment Law and Law Firms – Rick Manuel

Also in this Part are the following sections:

  • Editorial
  • Interview: "Abiding Faiths: Judge Gerard Phillips" – Craig Ryan
  • Case Notes: "The Great Barrier Rift" – Xavier Boffa
  • What's in a Day? – El Leverington
  • Arbitrary Exercise of a Discretion Kicked Out of the Park – Lachlan Robison
  • Book Reviews:
    • ""Letters to Lily Vale": The Life and Letters of Ernest William Latchford MC, MBE 1916 to 1919 France, Persia and Russia", by Mark Latchford – Reviewed by Jennifer Giles
    • "Sir Frederick Jordan: Fire under the Frost", by Keith Mason – Reviewed by Malcolm Kerr OAM
    • "IFMRO to IFHRO to IFHIMA: An Historical Overview 1949–2019", by Professor Phyllis J Watson AM – Reviewed by Craig Ryan
  • The Last Word
  • Diary
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