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06 June 2023 03:13PM
Content updates

Modernising the AML/CTF regime

Non-compliance with Australia’s AML/CTF regime can be costly. One only needs to refer to the recently reported Crown and AUSTRAC’s jointly filed submissions with the Federal Court of Australia, proposing a $450 million penalty over Crown’s breaches of the AML/CTF Act, to get a sense...

06 June 2023 12:39PM
Content updates

High Court Roundup April-May 2023

A look at the last two months’ High Court decisions by ALJR Editors John Carroll and Colleen Tognetti

31 May 2023 08:24AM
Content updates

Updates to The Laws of Australia

The following Subtitles are now updated and available on Westlaw: Business Organisations 4.9 “Financial Services Regulation”; Civil Procedure 5.1 “Initiating Process, Service and Appearance”; Contracts: Specific 8.6 “Guarantees”; Criminal Offences 10.10 “Public Order”; Criminal...

16 May 2023 02:00PM
Content updates

Journal Updates

Australian Intellectual Property Journal update: Vol 33 Pt 3 - Special Issue IP After AI Part 2

16 May 2023 11:31AM
Content updates

An update: Victorian Supreme Court Report on Litigious Costs

In response to the two-staged approach to the costs assessment mechanisms recommended by the Supreme Court of Victoria and the County Court of Victoria’s Report on Litigious Costs (the Report), the Courts published a welcome Consultation Paper (the Paper) on the Stage 1 Implementation...

15 May 2023 06:40PM
Content updates

Your case law questions answered

We get a lot of questions from customers around our case law set, such as how frequently are cases updated, and why do some cases get a digest note. Australian Case Law manager Genevieve Lancaster answers some of your most burning questions.

08 May 2023 12:19PM
Release updates

New suite of content on surveillance device laws

Practical Law Commercial, with assistance from Special Counsel, Ooma Khurana at Maddocks, has released four brand new resources on surveillance device and workplace surveillance laws.

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