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27 September 2017 12:36PM
Content updates

The Laws of Australia Updates September 2017

Update 333 –September 2017: The following Subtitles were updated in September 2017 and are now available on Westlaw AU: Civil Procedure 5.3 "Discovery and Interrogatories" (Chs 1–6), Civil Procedure 5...
25 September 2017 01:39PM

Practical Law Automated Documents now available

A selection of our most popular Standard Documents are now automated, allowing you to produce a first-draft document in less time, and ensuring quality and consistency so you can delegate drafting...
04 September 2017 02:09PM
Author updates

Uniform Evidence Law Noticeboard – September 2017

The Uniform Evidence Law Noticeboard is your definitive resource for evidence law news as it occurs. With rapid updating by respected barrister, Stephen J Odgers SC, the Noticeboard keeps you apprised...
01 September 2017 01:44PM
Release updates

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23 August 2017 02:37PM
Author updates

What every lawyer should know

The Future of Australian Legal Education conference was successfully co-hosted by The Australian Law Journal and the Australian Academy of Law, on 11-13 August at the Federal Court of Australia,...
21 August 2017 03:35PM
Content updates

FirstPoint update: Fire, Explosives and Firearms

We continually review our titles and classification schemes in FirstPoint on Westlaw AU to ensure currency, coverage and relevance. The latest review has resulted in a new classification scheme for...
16 August 2017 03:58PM
Content updates

The Laws of Australia Updates August 2017

Update 332 – August 2017: The following Subtitles were updated in August 2017 and are now available on Westlaw AU: International Trade 24.4 "International Taxation" (Chs 1–4), Unfair Dealing 35.2...
11 August 2017 04:03PM
Content updates

Getting Paid: Part 1 - Quick on Costs

As a part of the ongoing enhancement project for Quick on Costs, the first part of the Remedies for Costs chapter has been released with Update 93 in August.
02 August 2017 04:07PM
Content updates

FirstPoint Update: New Highways Classification Scheme

One of the latest updates to the FirstPoint classification scheme on Westlaw AU is a new classification scheme for the Highways title. This title covers cases on all forms of highway, such as roads,...

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