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Key Number System: Damages topic major update

Content updates

The Key Number System is constantly evolving in response to judicial case law developments. The latest major change to the Key Number System is the updating of the Damages topic. 


The Damages topic covers case law on the assessment of monetary compensation for breaches of contract and for torts such as negligence, in particular relating to personal injury.

Cases on the principles of damages assessment, including limitations on the amount of damages, the effect of taxation, mitigation of damages and the availability of additional damages such as exemplary, punitive, aggravated or like damages, are included in this topic.

Individual Key Number classifications within this topic have more than doubled with this update, giving a researcher access to more, detailed categories and greater choice when browsing or filtering search results by Key Number.

New Key Numbers include:

          Parasitic damages

          Reflective loss damages


          Loss of chance or opportunity

          Wasted expenditure

          Contract for enjoyment

          Fund management expenses

New Westlaw customers can browse the updated topic here.


By Diane Champion
Senior Legal Editor

Diane Champion is a senior legal editor in the Cases Team at Thomson Reuters. Diane has been working at Thomson Reuters (and its predecessors) since 1996 as part of the team providing content for FirstPoint, new Westlaw and the Australian Digest suite of products. Diane also edits Commonwealth Statutes Annotations.

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