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16 September 2021 11:21AM

FIND by Citation Enhanced

FIND by Citation has been enhanced on new Westlaw and is now even easier to use.

10 August 2021 09:45AM

Practical Law's new Document Alert function

Would you like to be notified whenever Practical Law updates a resource that is key to your practice? Practical Law's new Document Alert function is what you have been looking for.

09 August 2021 11:52AM

Browse to and access Law Reports by Volume

Previously Law Report landing pages displayed the 10 most recent cases with the ability to run a search across the entire series. These pages were enhanced in July to show all cases and have now been further enhanced to allow you to view only cases from a specific volume or volumes.

15 July 2021 09:26AM

SAML SSO (Single Sign On) Enhancement

We have enhanced SAML SSO Authentication to allow users to login via SAML SSO without the need for a Group ID on every link they use.

24 June 2021 09:09AM

New Practical Law automated standard documents

Lawyers need to do more in less time and Practical Law continues to enhance its content to meet that challenge. Practical Law has released new automated documents making drafting quicker and easier.

10 June 2021 04:08PM

Search Results Page Enhancement

The Westlaw search results page has been enhanced to show all content types by default and provide the option to set a specific content type as the default results.

10 June 2021 02:06PM

Law Report Landing Page Enhancement

Law Report landing pages have been enhanced to provide access to all documents in the publication along with the ability to search the publication or filter the list of documents.

21 May 2021 03:19PM

Scope Information Icons

Over the past few months we have been progressively rolling out scope information across new Westlaw.

05 February 2021 03:17PM

NSW Precedents

NSW Precedents now have a shortcut to Currency and help information available under Tools and Resources.

05 February 2021 02:44PM

New Secondary Sources Library Page

The Secondary Sources Library Page is now available on new Westlaw Australia. This landing page is dynamic and allows you to locate specific secondary sources in a number of ways.

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